Cmd+I shortcut with different tag sources

I mostly use Discogs as tag source (with the Cmd+I shortcut) but I have also installed one for Beatport (by stevehero, version 5.21). I have noticed that Cmd+I now no longer always opens the last used tag source search window, instead it seems it started defaulting to the Beatport one and I don't know how to change that. A bug maybe? Or am I doing something wrong?

What are you seeing as first entry in the Tag Sources main menu?

The last used Tag Source is set if you confirm the results window with either Save or Merge.

Discogs is on top in the tag sources menu and I always use Save (always or mostly by pressing enter) in the results window. Actually this has been bugging me for a while but in this very moment I am unable to reproduce it. Strange. I'll get back to you if the problem persists and try to describe it more closely. Thanks for the quick answer!

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I've been testing a bit more today and it appears that Cmd+I only changes if I first open the Tag Sources menu once (-> click Tag Sources in the menu, then close it, then press Cmd+I). If I don't, it doesn't use the last used one even if I clicked the Save button in the results window. I'm using version 1.7.0 but it also happened in earlier versions for sure.

I have also seen some inconsistent behavior with the CMD+I shortcut for the last used source. I have several sources installed and found that while the last used source usually changed when I actually used a different source (Merge or Save with that new source selected), this is not always the case.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to identify a consistent pattern as the CMD+I behavior is usually changing to the last used source as intended (~80% or more of the time).

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Hey, try what I found, activate the menu with your mouse once and then Cmd+I, doesn’t it always trigger correctly then? For me that is consistent after a few days of testing now.

Tested a bit and that seems like that might be correct. Still seems like undesirable behavior to need to select the menu to use the keyboard shortcut though. I assume that's a bug.

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Thanks for confirming. Yes, I think so too. Ping @Florian I think the Cmd+I default changes to and from third party sources only once the menu is opened and not when Save or Merge is clicked.

Thank you for the thoruough analysis. I can reproduce the issue and will fix it with the next release.

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This is now fixed with Mp3tag for Mac v1.7.1. Thanks for reporting!

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