Coax Mp3tag to check non-audio files for APEv2 tags?

I'm a happy long-time user of both foobar2000 and Mp3tag. I'm using fb2k's "External Tags" plugin to store ReplayGain values for filetypes that can't be tagged (chiefly semi-obscure videogame music formats). These external .tag files are stored as simply a header of TAGFILE followed by a proper APEv2 tag.

You may already see where this is going. The opportunity to use Mp3tag's web sources to assist in tagging is enticing! (Even more so when I fix my MobyGames script.) But even when told to accept .tag files, it won't actually read them... unless I rename them to an .ape type, in which case Mp3tag happily reads and writes the tags while leaving the header intact!

So here's my question: Is there any way to convince Mp3tag to work with these without the awkward renaming workaround?

You can tell MP3tag to include more or less any files in the file list, see
Tools>Options>Mpeg>Files to include

Yet, MP3tag only modifies supported files that introduce themselves with the correct file extension.
I mean: you can load a PDF or JPG file but still not modify their metadata even though both have this feature.
Also, I am not sure if it really works. I can rename the odd document.pdf to document.mp3 but still I cannot add metadata.

You can add ID3V2-Metatdata and MP3Tag keeps them and shows them. But naturally they are not PDF-Metadata and the file as a pdf gets corrupted.

True. You would have to load it back into MP3tag as the mock audio file, remove the tag, save that modification and rename the file to its original format.

Currently, there is no way of doing this. I'll add APEv2 support for *.tag files to my internal wish list and will come back when there is some progress on that.

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Many thanks! In the meantime, I have workarounds that still let me use the software, so once again I thank you for Mp3tag. It's a real time saver... and a real sanity saver!

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