...code needed for renaming please !

Hi all, I tried lots of different codes to be able to batch-rename 120Gb of music for it to be readable by an iPod that will stay inside my car as a jukebox.
Problem is, I want to get rid of top-level folder and use folders-files to get Artist - Album(and CD# IF needed) - tracks, just these three tags, really basic. It will help to see these infos right onto my car LCD screen.
I joined a picture to hopefully help.
Can somebody guide me regarding the right method to proceed please ?
Thanks a LOT !

In my above example (picture) I notice I forgot the ''CD'' so it would be more like:
Alice Cooper/2001-Billion Dollar Babies/Cd1/01-Hello Hooray

I would create an action of the type "Format value" for _DIRECTORY
and use as format string an absolute path, e.g.:
I assume that the filename is already correct.