Codec and Encoder Tags with MKV

Testing with 2.84c

When i open a MP4 file my "Codec" column has something like "MPEG-4 AAC (Handbrake***)"
where *** is some version number

However when i open a MKV file the same column shows "Audio AAC"or similar and by using the extended tag dialog the "Encoder" filed has for example "Lavf57.7.2" etc. This was a file created by Handbrake if thats significant.

If i try a mkv file created by MakeMKV it has e.g. "Audio DTS" in the codec column as well but no Encoded tag which is fine as a difference between HB and MakeMKV.

I suppose my question is when viewing a MKV file should the Codec filed not show the "same" as the MP4 file would?

I checked the setup for the Codec column and its value is set to "%_codec%[ (%_tool%)]" i assume this is the default but i have changed my setup a lot so i could have changed it in the past.

Another Question

If an MKV has multiple Audio tracks do you only show details on the first or default audio track

MP3tag only shows what the encoder has written into the respective field.
You could use a hex editor and compare the 2 files and see if MP3tag is missing something.

my query is about consistency - at the moment the codec tag/field is showing different data between MP4 and MKV

Not exactly. The MKV file has a codec field which I use to extract the codec information.

Yes. Except it's a forced audio track, then I display this one. If there is no default, I show the first.

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Not sure what feedback you want?

I'm interested in your experience with the newly added support for MKV in general. Have you used it, is it useful to you, are some things missing for you?

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