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Hi all. Been away from the tool for a long time and seem to have lost my old config file for exporting. I have selected Codec in my columns to display but when i export i can't see any codec information in the CSV file. Can someone give me a simple config file which shows all the main columns and i can edit it accordingly?

Please have a look at Editing Export Configurations. You can start with a copy of the built-in CSV export and extend it to include all the fields that are relevant for you (e.g., %_codec%).

Thanks Florian. I actually did what you mentioned but that is where i am not seeing the codec info in the output. Let me try again and see if i made a mistake.

You can also post what you have here (enclosed in triple backticks ``` to make it appear correctly formatted) and we can have a look if you don't find it.

[quote="Florian, post:4, topic:59773"]

$filename(csv,utf-16)Filename;Title;Artist;Album;Album Artist;Track;Discnumber;Codec;Bitrate;Frequency;Length;Size;Last Modified;Path;
$loop(%_filename_ext%)%title%;%artist%;%album%;%album artist%;%track%;%discnumber%;%_codec%;%_bitrate%;%frequency%;%_length_seconds%;%_file_size%;%_file_mod_date%;%_folderpath%;%_filename_ext%;
$loopend()build on %_date% with %_app% - the universal Tag editor -

There you go. I just want the most simple csv file which i can view in Excel and sort easily.

I notice that you have

as column heading but you do not export that property in the $loop() section - you start with

I would have excpected
Also, you use %album artist% where %albumartist% is more the usual fieldname.
%frequency% looks like a user-defined field.

I see this for my example output with %_codec%
What type of files have you selected? mp3? FLAC? Something else?

You can sort in Mp3tag too:

Sorting (from the documentation:)

You can sort the files by clicking on the column header of the respective column. An additional click on the current sort column inverses the sort order. You can sort by multiple criteria by holding the Shift key down when clicking on the additional sort columns.

The export configuration is looking good, except for three things:

  • You've probably moved the Filename; to the front of the line, but forgot to also move the %_filename_ext%; in the second line.

These might be intentional and already pointed out by @ohrenkino :

  • Instead of %frequency% you probably want to use %_samplerate%
  • Instead of %album artist% (with the blank) you probably want to use %albumartist%
$filename(csv,utf-16)Filename;Title;Artist;Album;Album Artist;Track;Discnumber;Codec;Bitrate;Frequency;Length;Size;Last Modified;Path;

You can also post an example output (again enclosed in triple backticks ``` for proper formatting) and describe where it doesn't seem right to you.

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i know i can sort in Mp3tag but it's purely preference about sorting in Excel. I want to be able to filter on things which i find much easier in Excel.

On the type of files i have selected it's a combination of mp3 and flac. In the tool i can see the rows i exported have FLAC but the column in the exported file is blank for Codec.

thanks. will amend and try again

thanks...will correct now and try again.

I see a certain gap between the ease to create an export, import that data in excel and then filter and sort and the actual ease of clicking on a column header in MP3tag to sort and a straightforward filter syntax.
So I would invest in a look at the documentation

and see that
%_codec% HAS Free Lossless Audio Codec OR %_codec% HAS MPEG
is just as easy to apply as the filter dialogue in Excel - but without the hustle of export/import etc.

thanks for the support but with all respect i am really wanting to use Excel. I'm an older person....i stick with what makes me more comfortable :grinning:

Even though you have apparently already made your choice, I would still like you to have a look at the program features in MP3tag:
A click on a colum header in Excel does not sort by that column AFAIK. In Mp3tag it does.
A filter in Excel requires going through an extra dialogue - in MP3tag you can enter the crtieria directly.
And any changes that you want to make can be entered directly for the files that you see while in Excel you first have to identify the file, either edit the data there and then re-import it into MP3tag or go to MIp3tag, enter search criteria there to find the file and go on with the editing or open the Windows Explorer with the file path, drag&drop the file into MP3tag and commence with editing.
All these detours would not make me very comfortable.
Also, I don't understand why an

should not be able to learn something new.


Just to confirm, this Export configuration works as expected. It includes the codec and all other fields in the config.


Yep and these are some of the possible Codecs:


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They wouldn't make you comfortable but you're not the one choosing to do it. It's me that wants to do it, i am happy doing it, i don't mind the "detours", and i am not ignoring the features of the tool. This seems to be going from some honest (and appreciated) help on the features of the tool to something which is getting annoying to me now. As you said i have made up my mind and that is very true. It's just personal preference. I wouldn't try so hard to get you to do something against your personal preferences so please don't do it to me.

Thanks all for the help. I managed to change the export config and now it's fine and i can see what I wanted to see. :clap:

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