Codec Library Info & Settings

I read a couple articles here that requested the means for mp3tag to read writing library info/settings:

Codec / Version
show LAME Encoder settings

However, the banter was hung-up on "what is is" and "I don't need it so…." I am more interested in a solution.

  1. My question is, first, to find whether mp3tag is able to display the codec library info and not just file format version/profile, as well as the settings used to create the audio file. For example for an MP3 file:
    'CODEC: MPEG 1 Layer III'
    'CODECLIB: LAME 3.99'
    'CODECSETTINGS: -m j -V 2 -q 2 -lowpass 19 --vbr-old'.

  2. If not, could the dev please include this function.

  3. Also if not (to #1), does anyone know of another utility in windows that can scan a group of files for this info, and attach it to appropriate ID3 tag.