Codepage convert doesn't work for Japanese ID3 tags

I am using "convert codepage" with Japanese (932) option to fix some mojibake ID3 tags, but all Mp3tag does is convert the tag into another type of mojibake (with some random Japanese characters inserted).

Here's an example (not sure if it's going to display as is in HTML):

Original (broken) tag: ƒIƒŠƒrƒA‚ð’®‚«‚È‚ª‚ç
After "fixing" with Mp3tag: fIfSfrfA,・ョ,ォ,ネ,ェ,・
Correct tag: オリビアを聴きながら

I have a similar problem. I was trying to do the same as you, Knocks.
But in my case the fields that should have been converted were empty after the conversion.

Original (broken) tag: ƒŒƒCƒgƒ“‹³Žö‚̃e[ƒ}
What it should look like: レイトン教授のテーマ

Thanks for reporting! This should be fixed with the current Development Build Mp3tag v2.43a.

Kind regards,

Sorry to inform this, but there's still problems about codepage in this development version, 2.43a.

I'm in BIG5 environment(zhTW, chinese traditional)

In the released version of mp3tag, it would act like this
(the file is shift-jis, japanese tag)

WRONG 蝋尞植値岙噌
converted ????????????

In Development version

WRONG 蝋尞植値岙噌
converted いとエモかな蓼


Just a little opinion, I don't know if this helps:

In taiwan, we use this software called CONVERTZ to deal with codepage problem, but sadly it's ability about tag is not that good.
At least, much worse than mp3tag (:stuck_out_tongue:)

It could operate with CJK properly (Chinese Japanese Korean)

Hope this helps. Lots of Taiwanese(Chinese) are looking for a nice tag editor for really a long time.
Thanks for developing!

oh, forget to say

When users are dealing those tags with different codepages, it would be VERY helpful if the software has preview function, to make users check if the codepage they have chosen is right or wrong.

Sorry for my rude suggestion, but I think MP3TAG would be better!
Thanks, a lot.