Color background

All of a sudden the background color of MP3Tag has become white. I've been accustomed to having it black. All my other app windows (e.g. File Explorer) are black with white text. Much more comfortable.

There appears to be an option to change the background color under Tools/Options/Appearance, but Color Mode appears not to be functioning - Default is selected but grayed out, and can't be changed to other options. As noted, my other app windows use the white on black configuration, so that appears to have been how I set the Windows default, although I don't remember how I did that.

Note that I am using Win 11, and have been for some time. The change in MP3 Tag has happened just recently. I'm using v3.11.


As MP3tag has moved on a number or released versions, it would be a first step to update to a recent, if not the most up-to-date version.