In my computer, I use white text on black background. However, in the file table of the Mp3tag, they have specified background color (white), but no foreground color, so when a file is not selected I cannot see what it says since it's white on white. Fortunately, when selected the line is readable (white on blue).

It would be better if you do not specify (unselected line) background, and let the program pick up the system's color (over here black) as well as the foreground (over here white).

On the long term this is rather bad for your eyes.


Actually, Windows High Contrast colors (of which white on black is one) are much easier to see for those who already have weak vision.

If they consider important to have alternating lines with white and light blue background, then, at least, they should specify black foreground, and do not assume that everybody uses white foreground in their computer.

You can check out ... in "Mp3tag Options/General/Display grid lines at fileview", ...
whether one of the three available states can help.


Wow! That was it! Unchecking the checkbox also changed the colors to my System Colors! Thanks! Then, maybe they should change the explanation of the checkbox to indicate the color change...