Column not showing date


i have adde a field column called date created but no data is showing in this field and i'm unsure as to why can you help? screenshot added Thanks! image|690x414

%date created% as you showed in the dump, is most likely a user-defined field.
Please refer to the help on supported fields and for property variables.

I assume that you refer to %_file_create_date%

yes i'm trying to use %_file_create_date% so that it shows the date of creation.

Then enter

as value.
Leave "field" empty as this property cannot be written.

thank you that did the trick. i saw nothing in help on the link you provided for date.

I actually supplied 2 links:
1 for the help section on supported fields
2 for the variables for export where you can also export a number of properties. There you find the date.

ok i missed the variables link thank again