Column sorting doesn't work

Running 1.0.1 (34) on Big Sur 11.2.2, when loading a folder of FLACs from a SMB share...

When the FLAC files are loaded, the sort order uses the one set in View > Sort By. However, choosing a different sort order (or the same column, but reversed) has no apparent effect: the FLAC file sort order doesn't change. Except, there's something odd: if you click and select a FLAC file, the tag pane on the left shows a different FLAC files contents (as if the sort order does change but its displayed in the list of files on the right).

I've not dared make any changes yet since I'm scared of updating the wrong files. If it's not clear or can't be reproduced, I can add some screenshots.


Have you changed anything regarding the column definitions at Preferences → File List? Can you post a screenshot exemplifying the issue and the column definition?

I've not changed anything so far. But I do now realise what the issue is - I went to screen shot it with a smaller number of FLAC files to make it quicker to do this and it works fine.

I was trying with a folder of ~17000 files and when choosing a new sort order, it takes a while to complete the change. With 300 files it's less than a second, but 17000 it'll take a while (not waited to see how long yet). In the time between asking to change the order and it actually changing, if one clicks on a file then the new details are displayed in the Tag Panel but the main list hasn't been updated yet.

So, a combination of large number of files, the sort not being instant and the list of files being selectable during the sort (and the new contents showing in the tag panel straight-away).

Perhaps some indication that a sort is occurring would be good? At least for longer running sort operations?

Sorry for the false alarm.

No problem and thanks for the explanation! I can see how this can be problematic and I'll need to think about how to ideally address this.

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