Columna Comentarios Vacia

Tengo datos en la columna de Comentarios en Rekordbox que en MP3TAG no visualizo.
Preciso visualizar los comentarios y cortarlos, o copiarlos, a la columna de Album, masivamente.

He adquirido esta licencia "solo para eso"

Please write in English or in German.
Are you using the Mac version?

I have data in the Comments column in Rekordbox that I don't see in MP3TAG.
I need to visualize the comments and cut them, or copy them, to the Album column, en masse.

I have purchased this license "just for that"
Thank you.

I have to translate text by Google, apologies for possible errors.

If I have Mac version.

For a moment it seemed to me that I was able to automatically load the comment field if I directly dragged the song from the open recordbox......but I am not able to repeat it!

How can I see the comment field of recordbox in MP3Tag? It comes out empty, without data!

Thank you

See the "extended tags" dialogue: +T whether you see fields starting with COMMENT. Use that field name to define a column or to address that field in an action.

If you do not see the Recordbox comment in the extended tags dialogue then it could be that Recordbox keeps that information in its own database and does not write it to the tags in the files. If that is the case, then MP3tag cannot do a lot about it.

What kind of files are we talking about?
MP3? FLAC? WAV? etc.

If these are MP3 files: what kind of tags (APE, ID3V2, ID3V1) are in the files?
Which of these tags do you read?

Finally after several tests ..... the comment field and column that appears by default in MP3tag is the desired one, it is the one that Mixed in Key overwrites.
MP3tag does not read the Comments field until it is overwritten by Mixed in Key.
Rekordbox can read the comment field before and after the overwrite.
MP3tag only reads it after overwriting.

I don't know what label guy it is.
Usual comment field for TRAKTOR, REKORDBOX and MIXED IN KEY.

From the xml files it doesn't read the field either!
Thanks for your attention.

Check the file list and scroll to the right where you probably see a column "Tag" which may look like this:
What does it say for the files without comment?

The label recognizes it as (ID3V1 D3V2.4)

Good. One of my ideas was that you have APE tags in the files but they do not show the same as ID3V2 tags.
As there are no APE tags, this is not the cause why you do not see the comment.
Could you post a screenshot of the "extended tags" dialogue for 1 file?

MP3tag reads only the embedded tags but no xml file.

Hello good morning.
I have given up, I have "Manually" moved 512 variables into 2660 labels.
Attached 1st RECORDBOX Collection transfer image where the origin of the Comments field in RECORDBOX reads differently than MP3TAG. In this case it is clear since the RECORDBOX reading is not refreshed (reread label), but before it moved the empty field even though it was filled with annotations from the source.
2nd image transferred from RECORDBOX xml files where the "before" comment was not loaded either, now that I have written it manually, it is read.
In short, origin from RECORDBOX or Library, for some reason!, the Comments field was not displayed (the rest were!). As soon as it is parsed with Mixed in Key (rewrites the Comment field) or manually loaded from RECORDBOX (manually rewrites) "If the Comments field is displayed".
In order not to lose my annotations in the Comments field, I had to manually move them to the Album field and let Mixed in Key use the Comments field.
A pity ..... I bought MP3Tag to avoid all that work :frowning:

It is probably not a fault of MP3tag not to read data that looks like it has only been stored in the player's database.
It would be up to the player to write the data back to the files ...

Thanks for the time and dedication.
Surely it is as you say, there must be an intermediate step in the tag...... Once reissued MP3Tag responds as expected.
Thank you.

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