Columns entries for Contributing Artists and Publisher

Some of my files have entries in 'Contributing Artists' and 'Publisher'. I would like to edit or blank these entries. MP3tag doesn't seem to have entries for these fields. I created a custom column with extended information for 'Publisher' but it didn't populate with the information file information and there was no corresponding entry for 'Contributing Artists' so I couldn't create a custom column for that one. Is there a way to edit these fields in MP3tag?


I’m assuming you are referring to the information you see in Windows Explorer when you mention Contrbuting Artists.

If you select one of these files in mp3tag and press Alt+T to open the Extended Tags window, you will see each field that has been stored including the name of that field. You can edit these fields directly in this window for each file, or in groups.

You would have to show us how you created that column for Publisher as there is a field called PUBLISHER supported by MP3tag:

But first please follow @MotleyG's request

for a single file and post the screenshot.

Apparently I did something wrong because it works now.

• I screwed up the 'Tag' column - was this a default column of one I added?

• If the columns get messed up is there a way to restore the columns (either individual or all) to all their defaults?


Yes, you can with Mp3tag being closed delete the file


and it gets restored to the defaults upon restart. The Tag column is part of the defaults.

Thanks - worked great!

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