Columns/exit/ saving work/Numbers

Hi, This is my first post to this site but there are a few questions on how to use. USING dbpoweramp.
I was highly recommended to use this site.

Iam sure these are really easy answers.(Unless your new)

1.If you want to change titles in columns.-i.e. in tracks you've got" Various Artists" but want Just "Various"-for every track.(or any Column i.e year-all the same).

2.Once your happy with work/ Tags do you have to save..?

3.If you want to clear all tags-ready for next work-can you clear screen..?

4.On my first attempt using Auto number wizard (great feature) After I went back into Windows they were perfectly numbered-but when I selected all the same files and rechecked in mp3 tag-the numbers (track numbers) had changed and mixed up(yet still perfect in windows...why..?

All help welcome!

...1. Use the tag panel: enter the string you want in ALBUMARTIST, YEAR, (... ALBUM, GENRE and so on) and ...

  1. press Ctrl-S or the diskette symbol in the tollbar. This is only necessary for modifications in the tag panel. In the files list, usually leaving an entry saves.

  2. no, just load the next set of tracks.

4... this depends on the sorting column you use ... if you don't sort by TRACK, files may appear mixed up. You sort by a column with a click on the column header