Columns right click menu with colors

[This probably will not be implemented as various request for colors over the years did not result with visuals being upgraded in any place, but here it goes]

When we right click name of a Column and navigate through the menu, we can see a highlight of an entry. What if also in the main window some sort of highlight would appear? So that the user could see that an entry being hoovered upon with the pointer in the menu is visible currently also in the main window?

With few Columns this sounds like bells and whistles- but if you have a list going from top to bottom [or even exceeding the height of a screen] and have similar names / versions of Columns, this could help a little with the overview of the situation

So, should the files list scroll so that you see even those which are currently not in view?
How should hidden but defined columns be highlighted?
If you have

wouldn't the check what the definition looks like be much more helpful - which is already possible.
If you move columns about ... should that be reflected immediately in the files list?
What should happen if you cancel all the settings in the "columns ..." dialogue, so everything is reset to the state before you opened it?
When should new columns be shown in the files list? When you enter a name? The field? The value? When you close the dialogue with OK?
What should happen in the meantime when you switch to a different column? Would the new column be visible or not?
Would all these interactions benefit from the highlighting? Or would it cause more confusion and the current implementation is good enough?

The list in menu: yes

The view in main window: not

Because it is likely that the user limits the number of columns to the size of main window

Hidden like outside the main window [when user sees a scroll bar]?

Ignore them. The highlight should be for what is visible on the screen

You mean the old way?

Not if you are often going through 2-3 Columns

And yes, user could put them on top of the list- but that would be a workaround that potentially could mess up the modus operandi of a user

I myself have always 5 most vital Columns for me on the left side. I do not want to insert between them something that I might sometimes use. And remember that they are there at the top of the list. And there are chunks in the list of my Columns that are arrenged alphabetically [i.e. I have parts of it are arranged by alphabet order, but surrounded by all kinds of other Columns thus other names]

You cannot move Columns on the right click menu

I am advocating for the highlight to appear when using right click menu, not when using the old way of Customize Columns. [And so I think the rest of your question do not apply to the feature suggested by me]

I don't.
So again: we have a very special use case which requires certain pre-conditions. And for anything that is only slightly off this use-case, the benefit melts away like snow in the summer.
As you are an experienced MP3tag user, even with an efficiency guide, (Unofficial Mp3tag & Audio Efficiency Guide V.1) I would expect that your suggestions would also follow the line of making handling more efficient for as many users as possible.
As many of my questions remain unanswered or are simply discarded I see the "improvement" not as a real one. But that is now just my impression.
Everyone is free to publish suggestions.