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Hi MacTaggers,
I was presenting issues and problem to Florian by email, but I think it is good to share it here so I can understand if other people faced same problems. The first one I want to deal with is about columns width.
Standard and user defined active columns and order are always observed but it looks like columns width are not retained between software runs.
I tried to clean configuration with defaults delete app.mp3tag.Mp3tag Columns, started Mp3tag and choose active columns, create my custom Sort one and reordered them all. Then I restarted Mp3tag and loaded same files (just to have a references):

This is what happens, some columns are back to their default (?) width (i.e. Filename and Title) and some to previous size (i.e. Album and Artist).

I would really love an AutoResize option or button :heart_eyes:

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I've fixed this with Beta 6. It was not preserved if the column width was changed via double click in between the column headers.

Thanks for reporting!

I've made an internal note regarding the auto-size option.


To be honest the best solution (for me) would be a "per column" setting, like "Numeric" and "Active".
I would keep some columns at a fixed size (like Track, Disc Number, Year) and just few of them in autosizing (like Title, Filename, Album, etc.)

Great Beta 6!

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