Combination of script commands



First, many thanks for Florian for making this great app free. And congratulations to you for the boost in usability, performance and power : I had tried MP3Tag some years ago, and chose at that time to turn to MP3 Tag Studio. I'm glad I recently gave MP3Tag a try again, it's now my primary music files tage editor ! :slight_smile: BTW, I guess the name should be changed : MP3Tag happens to work fine on my MPCs. :wink:

Now for my question :
I'd like to apply script commands this kind :

$validate($replace("%track% - %title%", "/", "-"), "_")

or even better :

$validate($replace("%track%", "/", "-") & " - %title%", "_")

unfortunately, I get this reply

So, can we use multiple script commands ? Is there a text concatenation operator (didn't find anything about this in the help & -english- forum).




I'm glad that you like Mp3tag :slight_smile: Thanks for your feedback!

You can use $validate(replace("%track% - %title%", "/", "-"), "_") to use both functions.

Best regards,
~ Florian


Thanks for the quick reply. But what if I want to substitute "/" for "-" only to the track field, and not the rest, while validating the whole ?

Something like this :

$validate(replace("%track%", "/", "-") & " - %title%", "_")

gives me a [syntax error: &], my assumption of "&" being the text concatenation operator being wrong.




I'm sorry, but there's no concatenation operator at the moment. I think you can use $replace("%track%", "/", "-") - $validate("%title%", "_")
because it's very unlikely, that there are other special characters in your TRACK fields which needs validating.

Best regards,
~ Florian


Yes, that'll do. Thanks ! :slight_smile: