Combine/merge two tags into one value

Hey was wondering if there's any way to combine two tag fields into one; to make sense of it I'm looking to combine the %catalognumber% and %album% tag's to the %album% tag;

so say I have for...

%catalognumber% = CAT001
%album% = Greatest Hits

ideal output would be....

%album% = CAT001 Greatest Hits

and wold be cool to retain the original %catalognumber% value as is.


You can use the Converter>Tag-Tag option. Set the Field to ALBUM and use the Format string
%catalognumber% %album%
to get the change you want for the full album name.

The converter function has the added benefit of a preview to see the expected results.

Just a footnote: it is usually very tricky to separate different pieces of data unless they are separated by a separator that does not originally appear in the data.
So, after you have merged the 2 fields and you want to separate them again and get rid of the redundant part of the original catalog number, it would make things much easier if the separator was not a space character but something like an underscore.
My suggestion would be to modify the

Format string: %catalognumber% _ %album%

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Oh wow, I was overthinking that haha, thank you so much. Just wish I could use brackets in the string...

Good thing to note, thanks. I'll be keeping the fields separate in the directory titles and will be able to use that to convert back if need by, with the string " [%catalognumber%] %ALBUMARTIST% - %album%/dummy% " using Filename -> Tag

Looks like you have figured it now, you can add brackets and most other characters during this process as well. Just insert them into the converter as desired. These will also appear in the preview to confirm you will get the desired results.

And as @ohrenkino has already suggested, including an identifiable separator helps should you reconsider this change and wish to split the data again in the future. Use something that is not likely to be used elsewhere in typical tag info.

I'm afraid that doesn't seem to be possible. This is what I see when entering brackets:

Screen Shot 2023-11-10 at 6.49.36 AM

This is where the preview comes in very handy. Some characters have reserved uses. So to use them literally they need to be enclosed in single quotes. Try this as your format
'['%catalognumber%']' %album%

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Beautiful, another problem solved. Thanks so much!

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