Combine multivalue tags and add line breaks

Hi there
I'm looking for an answer for my issue but Google search didn't help me much.
I'm using Yate (Tagging app similar to Mp3tag for MacOS) for pulling discogs info (including involvedpeople and credits).
When I open the track in Mp3tag it shows me something like this
Design: xxx//Creative director: xxx//Engineer: xxx, and so on
And Mp3tag defines it as multivalue tag

The same with foobar, only that everything is in one tag separated with ;

What I want is merging those multivalue tags into one, separated with a new line, so it looks like this:
Design: xxx
Creative director: xxx
Engineer: xxx

Any way to do this?

There is an action to merge duplicate fields where you can set a separator.
Set a printable one that usually does not appear in ordinary text (e.g. #) and run a second action that replaces the separator with $char(13)$char(10) which is the character combination for paragraphs.

Thank you very much!

I have some other questions that were bugging me for a while

Some tags are imported in one line without breaks which makes it look really messy. Any way to add a break between those combined credits?
Art director:xxxDesign:xxxStrings:xxx
Instead of
Art director: xxx
Design: xxx
Strings: xxx

Discogs pone tend to copy lyricst and composer info in one tag which is the composer tag adding track numbers associated to the tracks in brakes What I want is that it copies the composer names only for tracks it is intended. For example
Composer A composed track 1 and Composer B track 2., Lyricist C (track: 1), Lyricist D (track: 2)
Now it looks like this in tags
Composer tag: Composer A (track: 1), composer B (track: 2)
Lyricist: blank

How it should look
Track 1:
COMPOSER: Composer A
LYRICIST: Lyricist C
Track 2
COMPOSER: Composer B
LYRICIST: Lyricist D

Also, discogs pulls tags from involved people and Album credits in one tag, sorted only in one line instead like Yate copying each performer into multivalue performer tags and involved people into involvedpeople tags
For me involvedpeople are the ones playing instruments, producing, mixing
Album credits are for me: photography, design, in general credits which are for the whole album.
Any way to split all these credits into these two multivalue tags?
I hope I could explain it enough, I know it sounds kinda difficult.

How do you know where a line break should be?

I'm orienting with role names. The line should start with role and end with name, then line break and again name - role
It looks like this now
Where it should be
Role: Name
Role: Name

I guess it happened when I copied the tags in Yate from multivalue track credits to another tracks comment tag

if there is no decent separator and you have recognize the role because you know the language then the only way i could think of:
write an action that replaces every
role name with
$char(13)$char(10)role name

You have to create such a pair for each role name, then.

Thanks that helped a lot. Still, discogs pone confuses me a lot