Combine Tracknumber and Title as Title

I have a Buffalo NAS which has also a DLNA server. The problem is that on my TV that server
presents as name of the track the title of that track and not the file name of the track. while the
order of the tracks is alphanumeric on the title and not according to the track number which
results is a wrong order of playing the tracks. The solution for this would be a a track number with
leading zero's put before the title string in that title string. For instance the title "Name" on track 4
would become "04 - Name". That script should cover a complete album by selecting the tracks of that
album. As I have very limited experience with writing a script in MP3tag I would like t ask if someone
can do his and instruct me how to use it.
I was directed by someone from a dutch Help me forum to this program.
Apart from this I have asks both the helpdesk of my TV as the one of buffalo for help but I realize that
such an answer would take a lot of time

Take the converter Tag-Tag, select TITLE as field and enter the string:

$num(%track%,2) - %title%

Are you sure it is the title-tag and not the filename your TV takes as sorting criteria?

Thanks it works correctly.
Yes I am sure it is the title that is taken as sorting by the buffalo DLNA server, because my
filenames start with the track number and on the TV I found the track title wit out the track
number when I played them from the NAS and when I copied an album to my PC and used
the ServiIO DLNA server The TV showed the file names