Combining Action Groups

I've just discovered combining Action Groups by editing the .mta in Notepad!!!

Awesome. Saving me LOTS of work!

It is not at all recommended to edit mta files directly.
If you want to combine action groups, tick all the action groups that you want to get executed in the dialogue Actions ... . You can set the sequence of execution by moving the actions up and down. Actions are executed from top to bottom.

Okay that makes sense. Why not edit the .mta’s?

the mtas are saved in an internal format that is not intended for editing.
Only the modification via the MP3tag guarantees that they are saved correctly.
Even though it is possible to edit them with a text editor it still does not mean that you are supposed to do that.

See also

Whoaaaa... Thanks for that. I use A LOT of semi-colons all over my tags!

Guess I’ll be deleting the combined .mta I made last night.

Great tip on top-to-bottom actioning of Action Groups. :ok_hand:t2: