Combining actions

I have several tags I like to add to my music files to prepare them for use. I have two questions...

  • Can I string together any series of tag edits?
  • In this string of edits, how would I get a selected series of tracks to get autonumbered with a lead zero from 1-9 without having to press the auto-number button and press enter twice. Can I automate this?

You can create action groups with an almost unlimited amount of actions. Whether this makes sense, cannot be judged from the distance.

You can leave out the auto-numbering assistant and create an action of the type "Format value" for TRACK with the format string

This will number the selected files sequentially and pad for 2 digits.
Please not that this action does not reset the counter when changing the directory.

That's excellent!! Thank you! It would be wonderful if it recognized folders but that's ok. I just want to start with this one and then add Tag - Filename, Filename - Tag, and a Path Changer. For the way I tag my files, it will save me a lot of repetitive click-enter, click_enter, click-enter....

If you have a repetitive pattern you can emulate the Converter Filename - Tag with an action of the type "Import value" for %_filename%.
The values mask looks just like the mask for the converter.

If you want to rename the files also in one go with an action, you can also use an action, this time of the type "Format value" for _FILENAME. Use as format string the same mask as in the Converter Tag-Filename.

While I see that the first advice is probably not very helpful if you have a bunch of files with any kind of filename pattern, that can more easily be imported with the Converter, it may be useful to use the action to create unified filenames.