Combining or adding a Track number to original file name in the Filename column

Does anyone know how to simply add the Track number in the Track column to the beginning of the original file name in the Filename column? Would like it to look something like this.........
I have over 600 files in one folder that I need to have done this way, in one string of some sort, via the Convert command if possible.

You can use the converter Tag - Filename (or press ALT + 1) and the format string:

This would combine the content of %track% followed by an underscore followed by the content of %_filename%. For more details see Mp3tag Help - convert tags from/to filenames

Converter - Tag - Filename

You could also separate the tracknumber by a dot and a space or any other valid character(s):
%track%. %_filename%
The result will be shown under the format string before you press the OK-Button.

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I had tried what I knew except for the _ before the filename. Your solution worked!

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