comm flag language

Hey there,

I'm trying to tag mp3 files for multi os use, osx, win and readable in itunes, wmplayer etc...
what I just can't get to work is that the comment field is read by windows explorer, and the problem seems to be that the id3 flag COMM has a language identifier which is set to eng, I'm in germany and need to read the comment on german os... which works with other taging software that sets the language identifier to deu or ger (for german) or to xxx (supposably not set).

Is it possible to write two COMM flags, one in english on in german to a tag with mp3tag?
or any other ideas??

little help,

you can set the language for the comment field in your language file in the line for the token

I do not know what happens if you use xxx.
I do know that iTunes expects an English token. I do not know whether iTunes also accepts xxx.

AFAIK it is not possible to stack two language tokens on top of each other.
Also, I think it is not possible to create several COMMENT fields with different language tokens in the same file.

I don't know either.
But according to the formulation of this information
you might expect that different language descriptors are possible:
"There may be more than one comment frame in each tag, but only one with the same language and content descriptor."