command "KillTag"?

first of all what it doesand where do i use it? (yes, i've read Web sources framework help, but that was not useful.)

second, i'm writing websource script, and i have 2 unwanted temp tags call "TMP1" and "TMP2".
i use them during script, but in the end i want them removed. is this when should i use killtag? i've tryed
killtag "TMP1"
killtag "TMP2"

but that did not help.

and the last, i've checked other scripts (i.e. discogs) and there are a lot of killtag "*" lines and i can't figure out what do they do.


If you want to remove the two tag fields TMP1 and TMP2 you can use an action :mt_act: Remove fields.

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yes, but is there a way to do this within websource, so that i would not have to use actions, just websource.
and could anyone explain me what "killtag" comand does and how it is used?

Maybe you have found already the solution (maybe not).
Nevertheless, KILLTAG removes xml tags (and not audio ones).
All you need is SET "tagname" command (SET "TMP1").