Command Line Interface?

Hi everyone. I've searched for this in the forums and FAQ but maybe am missing something.

I have a question - is there a command line interface for MP3TAG that I could use to set the ITUNESPODCAST flag?

I would like to use a command line for this because I want to create an automated process that checks a downloads folder periodically and tags any .mp3 files it finds there with "ITUNESPODCAST = 1" so that I don't have to open the software and do it manually.

Is that possible?

Or is there another solution that lets me do this automatically?

Many thanks,

After I posted, I found this:

Which basically says that a command line interface is not included and is not planned.

That's disappointing. This software is great, but I would just love it if I could script out basic actions. Consider my voice one more asking -- begging -- for the feature. I'd happily pay $20 for this right now if I could trigger it with a batch file.

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No clue if this will work for you, but this command line program looks promising for what you wish to do:

Looks like the -r and -w command line switches are what you'd be interested in. PCST is the ID3 frame id you are looking to manipulate.

Let us know how it works out for you.

Cool, thanks. I saw that earlier but didn't realize you could get to the frame ids; I just saw the list of standard tags. I'll monkey with it a bit and see if I can get it working. If so, I'll post the script. I know a lot of people are looking for this given the general gnashing of teeth on the web about it.

Sadly, it turns out that the command line id3 program will only add frames that are part of the existing standard, and Apple's PCST (and other related tags) are not part of the standard, so that won't work.

After probably five hours of forum reading, I'm completely convinced that until and unless a command line or scripted option is developed for MP3TAG, or somebody figures out how MP3TAG adds this tag and writes a command line program to do that, there's no straightforward way to monitor a folder and add these special podcast tags.

I suppose there are 3rd party scripting tools that might work with MP3TAG (e.g. AutoIT) so I may play around with that, but it's a pretty inelegant solution.

Still, cool that this software adds the podcast tags at all, even if it does have to be done via the GUI. Thanks for all the hard work on it so far.

Sadly, this is true of all of the command-line ID3 tagging programs that I've ever tried. Many of them, as in the above example, are also no longer being maintained, so it's futile trying to get the developer to support additional frames. Mp3tag also can't write any ID3 frames that it doesn't already support, although it does support quite a few in common use.

Ironically, probably the best command-line MP3 tagging is through recent versions of the LAME MP3 encoder. The developers of LAME have seen fit to no longer rigidly comply with the ancient ID3v2.3 or ID3v2.4 'native' frame standard. Needless to say, though, if you already have the MP3 files that does you little good.