Command-line params or new tool?


I’m responsible for programming for a small, non-profit religious FM radio station. Several of the teaching programs we air come to us tagged with ID3v2.2 (a format that our radio automation system does not recognize). I use MP3Tag to import those files and re-save them in the correct (ID3v2.3) format. It works flawlessly.

I’d like to automate this process. Have you given any thoughts to creating a simple command-line tool that would take a filename as a parameter and simply convert the tag from ID3v2.2 to ID3v2.3? That would simplify my life a great deal. Maybe MP3tag could be modified to accept these options as command-line parameters.

I use Powershell for most of my automation tasks (including mp3 tagging with the SharpLib library), but there are no command-line tools that do what I’m looking for.


I have just entered "ID3v2.2" into Google search machine and the fifth entry offered this link ...
Convert ID3v2.2 (ID3v2.2) to ID3v2.3 (ID3v1 ID3v2.3)
It seems that foobar2000 can do the job.



I guess, he only wants to convert the ID3 tags, but not the MP3 itself. Foobar offers no command line interface for such jobs AFAIK. Also masstagger (the foobar component for more advanced tag manipulation) is not suited for such a task

Correct me, if I'm wrong :unsure:

AFAIK there are tools available for Windows that run a Software in an automatic manner without using a command line. Something like (It's just a guess, I don't use that tool). Since converting ID3v2.2 to v2.3 is a rather easy task for MP3Tag, this might be worth a try.


I am pretty sure, that foobar can be automated due to commandline arguments.
To convert a MP3 file from ID3v2.2 to ID3v2.3 it should be enough to read the MP3 file and immediately save the MP3 file in fb2k's default setting.



Well, looks very promising. I would be really interested in a working example :slight_smile:

(The only thing, I would do via command line at the moment is export of meta data, which -- AFAIK -- foobar cannot do, but MP3Tag.)