command line support/visual basic

Hi, i came across mp3tag when i was looking to edit extended tags with VB. there is a DLL called DSOFILE.DLL which would let you change file tags, but development was stopped some time ago.

long story short; i am using mp3tag slightly differently from what it was intended because i am using it for re-tagging TV Show's and Movie's. so as many of you will know when you import something into iTunes and it doesn't recognise it, it defaults to Home Movie. even if you change the tag in iTunes, if you re-import all your stuff into a different itunes library you lose the tagging. mp3tag can obviously do this, but i want to be able to run something where i can loop thru all my filenames and re-tag everything.

maybe you can do this with a script?

maybe i am asking something that the program was never intended to be used for?

thanks in advance


If you change the tag version of a file, iTunes writes the tag information from the library into the tags.

You can also export from an iTunes library, transform that data to a text file one line per record format and import that data with the help of MP3tag into the files - provided the target files support metadata.
To see more about the features of MP3tag, press F1 for help or see

In your case you probably will have a go at the function Convert>Text file - tag

thanks, although Convert>Text file - tag doesnt work with extended tags, specifically ITUNESMEDIATYPE

The name "ITUNESMEDIATYPE" is just a name like other fieldnames, it should work, ...
check the list of the data field string within the input text file ...
and the format string in the converter dialog.