Command Prompt & PowerShell config files

For both the CMD and PowerShell the Windows 7 / 10 user can define things like font size and its colors, by clicking the bar with the window's name and choosing Properties

But where are those settings stored [on 10]?

I am just tired of setting them every time I install a new system. So maybe there are some config files that could be just copied / replaced?

And also on the "side" note

There is


and there is


And so I made LNK files leading to them and also added to my filemanager some toolbar icon shorcuts. And so I execute CMD either from those LNK files or toolbar icons - and either in a normal mode or with Administrator privileges. All in all, I am somehow able to store five [5!] different GUI settings, each showing accodring to the link / method chosen for running the EXE - but the Task Manager of operating system is always showing me that it is using always the same EXE from SysWOW64. So how is it possible to have 5 configs for 2 executables? [With Power Shell the Matrix that is happening is similar if not the same]

I have noticed that virtually any BAT file I have, after running ignores all of those color GUI settings that I made for those [5] various versions

I also have noticed [with the help of HIPS feature of the free COMODO] that when I execute any BAT file, it asks for access to


So I went to its location to run it [That file is invisible to FreeCommander - I had to use Windows Explorer to execute it by hand]. It opened yet another version of CMD - so I hoped that by changing its Properties I would affect all of the BAT files, thinking that it is this location where default settings are stored. Unfortunately nothing has changed - i.e. when I run this conhost.exe I get what I wanted [changed colors etc.] but run BAT files I still end up with default [white on black]

And what is more: I can change visuals for every of my BAT files - by changing Properties for every single window that shows. And that is also true for LNK files leading to BAT files, which I use to elevate some BATs to Administrator level: I can successively change the BAT file, but also override its Properties running it via a LNK created for it

So if t is impossible to change his hypothetical default CMD config file - then maybe I could make all of my BAT files to my likening by adding at their top some script that would change their displayed appearance?

Is still would have to do this for all of my files - but at least on my next operating system they would still look the same when run [aside from the LNK workarounds?]

Adnd so: does annyone have such readyto use scripts for changing GUI of displayed Command Line [and PowerShell] window?

It seems that in the end I have 7 CMD versions total; and those BAT files just use one of them

And so for now: if want to see particular colors in them- then I have to just run them and go to theirs Properties [one by one]

Why don't you just change the colors in the bat-files itself?
Have a look at "color". (type "color /?" in a command prompt for help).


It is an option- but with very limited choices

I can choose black that way - which is too dark for me because it pop-ups the glossy nature of my screen [called "matted" by its manufacturer]. All my black colors that I could define for my various foreground lean towards graphite