command to add characters in tag sources


Well, I've discovered this beautiful piece of software and I was updating my MP3's with the discogs.src untill I noticed that discogs seperates Style from Genre.
iTunes only uses Genre, so this is a problem. Anyway, instead of posting here immediately, I tried to fix this problem.
I edited the discogs.src and now I'm able to give the Genre and Style in the Genre-tag.

    # Genre (only 1)
    outputto "Genre"
    findline "Genre:"
    joinuntil "</tr>"
    killtag "*"
    regexpreplace "\s+" " "
    regexpreplace "\s+$" ""
    regexpreplace ",\s\w+$" ""
    findinline "Genre:"
    findline "Style:"
    joinuntil "</tr>"
    killtag "*"
    regexpreplace "\s+" " "
    findinline "Style:"

BUT I can't seperate both from each other. So now I get: ElectronicTrip Hop or ElectronicEuro House.
So my question really is: What are the commands to add this (": ") between the genre and style.

Thanks in advance


say ": "


That did the trick :slight_smile: ...