Commend Field Defaults



Thank you for an excellent software. This is great and I feel you should go commercial!!!!!

I hope you can help me. What I need to do is add a user defined value to the default list in the comment field and have it show up in the choices.

I use "XXXX" for songs that are not clean edits and I was able to add "XXXX" to the list in the tools, options, tag panel, default values, comments and click OK.

Then I shut the program down and re-opened, but the "XXXX" is not in the drop down list when I'm doing a single line edit. However, it is in the drop down list when I do a multi-line edit.

Can the program be configured to show a user defined value in the comment section for a single line edit?

Thank you.

DJ 2Tite,


Currently: No.