Comment field -- dealing with long comments

MP3tag only has a small text window for the Comment filed.

While you can apparently paste unlimited amounts of text into that, it's difficult to read and painful to edit with the small text box. And it seems impossible to insert a linebreak (except by pasting a slab of text).

So I resort to AudioShell's tag editor to edit comments.

Is there an option I'm missing to expand the text box? If not, could there be?

EDIT: damn, can't correct typo in subject. Of course it should be "field"

Check this thread for further information on how to get a multiline comment field and insert line breaks
multiline comment field in the tag panel

Thanks, that works.
But the single line "comment" box is still there.

Is this program still being updated, or do we have to hope some other users can devise such workarounds?