Comment field in MP3Tag doesn't accept my PASTE after a COPY

I tried to copy a publishing name & date from a YouTube page into the Comment field and it wouldn't accept the paste.
I don't have any trouble PASTEing into the Comment field of the PROPERTIES on the file.
What gives?

Text copies from HTML pages sometimes contain control characters that make the pasted text look like it has vanished.
You could try to paste the same text not in the tag panel or the files list but in the extended tags dialogue. You may see that you get a leading empty line.

To avoid that, copy everything but the first visible character and paste that text. It should be easy to add the missing first letter.

Another workaround is to paste into notepad, then into MP3Tag from notepad.

Yes, this is how I do it, it is very effective

I have a pinned down to Taskbar a [special] TXT file. Once I open it after turning on the computer, it stays open [not only] for this purpose