comment field

Hi all,

Though i delete-remove comment field from tags using mp3tag (2.79) comment field still displays when using J River Media software..

Has anyone experienced a similar problem.?

Thanks in advanced

Looks like the database file of J River Media needs to be updated.

I'm not familiar with this app but in iTunes you just need to simply play the file (after saving in MP3Tag) for it to update.

Jriver media monitors the mp3 database everytime on launch
There is a workaround which is to change the value of comment field then delete it..but it takes time

Have you seen this.

These two need to be enabled it seems.

I know that and i have tried it before.. :wink: the only field which is not updating is comment..the other fields works, updates just fine :slight_smile:

mp3tag works fine. So the devs for the app need to be made aware of it :wink: