Comment lines in action groups for Mac

I see that it has been a recurring topic, and I'd like to add something as well. MP3tag is a fantastic tool, and I love the action groups. I create extensive action groups that can become quite complex, with numerous conditions applicable to all sorts of files, possible and impossible. When I revisit them after a long time, it's like Greek to me. It would be incredibly practical to have an action that simply inserts an empty line where a comment can be added. This way, it would be immediately visible where a comment is. Dear Florian, please provide us with a comment line for the action groups!

[NB: My remarks below apply only to the Windows version of Mp3tag]

You can use Notepad to insert comment lines in the MTA files that hold your Actions. The line must start with an exclamation point and end with the equals sign:

! Common Latinisms to lowercase =
1=\b(Alias|Ca|Circa|E\.G|Et\sAl|Etc|I\.E|Opus|Per|Ps|Sic|Versus|Vs)\b (?# a few Latinisms)

But these comments are not visible within Mp3tag.

Comments are helpful but I only need them when creating or revising actions. So these MTA file comments are enough for me. However, when testing actions, it would be useful to disable certain lines via the Actions window for debugging purposes.

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Thank you very much, dear Doug_Mackie! That sounds great, and if I had Windows, I would definitely give it a try! However, I am using a Mac, and as Flo once mentioned: the Mac version has no mta files, it's a format that is used in the Windows version and not available on the Mac. (Mp3tag for mac mta location - #8 by J00p) It would be really meaningful to implement this in the Mac version.... Hi Flo, in case you're reading this...

You're probably looking for comment lines between individual actions in action groups. This is currently not possible (without creatively using, e.g., Remove Fields) for that.

However, the Mac version has a description field for action groups which is prominently shown under the action group name. Are you already using this field for documenting your action groups?

Dear Flo, thanks for your prompt response! I appreciate the clarification regarding comment lines between individual actions in action groups. Creatively using with Remove Fields is not the nicest but a practicable idea! :upside_down_face:

Your suggestion is helpful, and I'll make sure to leverage the description field for better organization and understanding.

Thanks again for your assistance and for your outstanding work with mp3tag!!! :+1::smiley:

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