Comment lines in Action groups?

I've made an action group of changes I commonly make to tags. Now and then, I don't want a particular action in the group to execute. Is there a comment character available that can exclude an action without deleting it from the action group?

I looked in the help briefly but didn't find such a thing.

No, there is not.
The only way would be to separate the actions into action groups and then join them by ticking the check boxes in the Actions dialogue. Is a different concept, though.

Alternatively, you could duplicate the whole Action Group to a new temporary one and delete the unwanted Actions there. To quickly spot the right Actions it helps to create artificial separators, e.g.

Remove fields ••••••••••••••• ACTION XXX •••••••••••••••

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Thanks for the suggestions! Certainly they are good ways to go.

A comment character such as ";" or "#" or "/" when found in column 1 would be a useful improvement.