Comment tag not showing in MP3 software


I'm trying to manage a large mp3 library with Magix MP3 Deluxe. (

All my mp3's have important track information in the Comment field. But inside MP3 Deluxe, these fields are shown as empty.

I know I'm asking a lot, but I would be very grateful to anyone taking the time to look at this issue and suggest a way to fix the Comments tags with MP3TAG, so they will work/show in MP3 Deluxe.

Appreciate any help I can get. Thank you

Here's one of my tracks with Comments:

Here the link to MP3 Deluxe:

Your tags are written as ID3v2.2

According to some online feedback Magix MP3 needs ID3v2.4. If this is true, you can write your tags in Mp3tag in ID3v2.4. You just have to set it in Options, Tags, Mpeg, write ID3v2.4

Thank you. Can anyone show me the script to have MP3TAG scan through my library and convert the tags to 2.4 ?

see e.g. here: /t/6871/1