Comment tag vs. Comments field in Windows

There have been a few times when the "Comment" in Mp3Tag is not the same as Windows Explorer "Comments". When it happens, it's always all the songs in an album that I downloaded or imported at the same time.

For instance, "Tweezer (2010-07-03 Alpharetta, GA).mp3"...
in MP3tag, it shows the Comment tag that I manually added: "2010-07-03"
but in Windows Explorer it shows "phlb01d1_07_Tweezer" in the Comments field (and in the Details tab of the File Properties.)

I have manually removed the "phlb01d1_07_Tweezer" from the details tab which also removes the "2010-07-03" - which I can re-add. But I'd rather not do this for all these that are mismatched.

Any thoughts?


see here for the basic problem:

It's probably a problem of the language descriptor. if that does not match, you probably get 2 comment fields.
It would be easiest to run these files through mp3val and repair them.

Sounds like a strange issue, but I'll check it out. thank you!
(Oh and thanks for a script you wrote for me a couple months ago. I never posted a thank you to that one. :wink:

I scanned the ones showing a different comment field in MP3val and all had a State = "OK".
So I tried to change the Comment field in MP3Tag again, but the Windows file properties still shows the original comment. :confused:

is it an mp3 file?
Does the language that you use on your PC match the setting in Tools>Options>Tags>Enhanced
By default MP3tag uses English (as this is used by iTunes ...)
Also, you could check if you meanwhile see 2 comment fields in the Extended Tags dialogue (Alt-T)

Yes, it is an mp3 file.
Yes, all is set to English.
And YES, after hitting Alt-T, I do see "COMMENT" and "COMMENT COMMENTS" with the 2 different texts I mentioned!

see if you can filter for those files with
%comment comments% PRESENT
then use the extended tags dialogue to delete that field.

That Alt-T is helpful! Thank you!!

I set up an Action to "remove fields" for COMMENT COMMENTS as well as 3 others I found:

Hope this helps somebody else too!