Comment tags

I just installed version 2.42 and have run into a problem w/regard to the Comment tag. I populate the Comment tag w/the various musicians who perform on a particular track. With the prior version of the software, I could keep the tag looking "neat" and "orderly" by hitting the enter key after each artist's name (I populate the tag by using the extended tags function). In that way, when I view the tag, each performer is on a separate line. So, for example, the field would look like:

A - Guitar
B - Bass
C - Drums
D - Vocals

With version 2.42, however, I can no longer use the enter key to get to the next line; rather, when I hit enter, the tag simply closes. Thus, the tags now look like:

A - Guitar;B - Bass;C- Drums;D - Vocals

This can get quite messy, as names will be cut off and continued onto the next line, and there's no clean breaks between each performer' s name. Is there any way to move to a new line. It seems that the space bar will accomplish that, but, that's a pretty time-consuming method.


Apparently for some compatibility reasons, using ENTER within fields has been changed: Simply use CTRL+ENTER now.

Thank you.