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I suggest that Mp3tag read Comment fields the same way iTunes does. I don't know exactly what iTunes does or how it does it, but the behavior of iTunes is that it reads and displays all comment tags in a file, while Mp3tag only seems to pick up some comments for mp3 and FLAC files.

I have tried every workaround I can think of and find in these forums, but I can't get Mp3tag to display comments in mp3 files that are appearing in iTunes.

for the mp3 version of my song:

  • tried removing all non-ID3V2.3 tags
  • tried blanking all comment fields
  • tried removing all comment fields
  • tried many ways of displaying comments
  • tried many ways of reading, writing, and removing comments per the options
  • tried finding the comments that Mp3tag could not find using a Hex reader - I'm no expert with Hex readers, I was shocked that even this failed to find what iTunes was finding and displaying! (looked for all TXXX frames, all COMM frames, even tried to search for the strings I was seeing in iTunes in the text section of the files)
  • tried $meta_sep(comment,; ) in the column display
  • tried clicking on "extended tags"
  • tried all suggestions I found in Mp3tag forums related to comments
  • I can successfully see and edit COMMENT ITUNNORM fields, but there are clearly other comment fileds in my files that I just can't see with Mp3tag that iTunes can find.

In terms of the file history, the file originated as a FLAC file that was converted by dBpoweramp to a mp3 file. Prior to conversion, the FLAC file has text in a Description field. As part of the conversion, I believe dBpoweramp is placing anything in a Description field into a Comment field (per Vorbis Comment mapping #3 default mapping, for those familair with dBpoweramp). I can see this Description tag in the FLAC file using the Hex reader, and I can see the Description field in the FLAC file in Mp3tag (tried displaying %description%).

All of the above failed to display in Mp3tag what was appearing in iTunes for my mp3 file. Even if there is a complicated workaround like deleting the Description field prior to conversion to mp3 (but I don't want to do this - I want to manipulate the information in this field when in mp3 format not just delete everything), I'd much rather have Mp3tag display all comments as a default just like iTunes.


Please check this mp3 file. Can you read the content of the one and only COMMENT tag-field?
dsj777.mp3 (2.07 KB)


dsj777.mp3 (2.07 KB)

Ironic - I tried to reproduce the problem from scratch to try a few more things and cannot. Mp3tag successfully read all comments even after I repeated the original mistake of saving within Foobar as a v2.4 tag and then using Mp3tag to get it back to v2.3. I must have made other changes and modifications within Mp3tag to create the original problem that somehow jumbled its ability to read all comments. Even in the original case I only used Foobar for replaygain tags and only used Mp3tag for all other modifications.

But because I can't reproduce it does not mean I was imagining the original problem. There is something more robust within iTunes in that it displayed comments that I could not view in Mp3tag. I decided to solve the probelm this time by using iTunes to edit the Comments tag, but I'd prefer to be able to see and edit all tags within Mp3tag.

Yes, I can. It says

This is a
multi line
for dsj777.

This is correct.

  1. What happens when you change this COMMENT tag-field by another application, for example iTunes?
  2. Can iTunes create multiple COMMENT tag-fields (so called multi-value tag-field)?

Try it out and post the file back.
Maybe someone who understands what is going on there can come in and will help.


I tried to get Foobar and iTunes to open the test file, but they would not, probably because there was header or other information missing from a real music file. But I appreciate the attempt.

At this point I'm guessing that there was something I did while processing with dBpoweramp, Foobar, or Mp3tag that only deleted the UTF portion of the comments in the file but left the actual hex code, and iTunes perhaps was able to read comments just based on the hex code. It's still possible I used a hex reader that did not read the entire file, but I'm using a reader that seems robust in reading files many times bigger than these.

This problem wasn't just a random one - it affected over 1000 files before I noticed it. I am frustrated that I can't reproduce it again, so for now I'd appreciate any insight on how iTunes reads comments, if it's even possible that iTunes can read hex comments without the UTF info, if Mp3tag wipes hex code as well as UTF or simiar text when deleting a tag, or if there are any other differences in how iTUnes read comments differently from Mp3tag that could be replicated in Mp3tag.