Comments on new option to disable auto-filtering


But this would be even greater: If that big grey area that has the word "Filter" in it, could be clicked- to turn on and off that auto mode. Being somehow visibly pushed in could mean, that the auto mode [the old way of working] is applied; while when looking how it looks currently would mean then that we have to push Enter to apply the filtering expression. Or the other way around- to not confuse people updating from older versions

But what might be a little confusing right now is unfortunately this: If the user have the auto mode turned on and some filtering expression, then the list of files is somehow shortened, right? But what happens when the user unclicks the "Auto-apply filter"? The filtering expressions stays in the Filter box, right? But that expression is no longer being applied- I mean [and now I will fail at my English grammar]: it is because it had been applied; but it is not because the user did not press Enter. And when the user removes it by clearing the Filter box, the list of files stays shortened- as if the filtering expression was still working [but it is not]. So what I am pointing out is this: the user has an empty Fitler box- and yet that user does not see all of the files. And so I think that un-clicking the "Auto-apply filter" should also automatically clear the Filter box of any data and present all of the files that are currently loaded to Mp3tag- just as a remainder