Comments on v2.73

If the already loaded files are arranged on the list by let say FILENAME in descending alphabetical order and I add a new one, then it pops out always at the bottom [even if its named "AAA"]. And so I have to click two times FILENAME column, to arrange them the same way they were before [to see old files plus the new one in the same order that was before the addition of this new file]

If I could only rearrange those icons and remove the ones I do not use...

If I could only select the color of that highlight...

Like this, you create a playlist, in fact.
The playlist has its own order which is not destroyed with the exeception that no duplicates are loaded. So what you observe works as designed.

The hightlighting is set by windows.
So alter you colur scheme and you are done.
If windows does not offer this feature - ask Microsoft to alter the system behaviour.

But there could be an option to re-load [rearrange] the files

So you would have in
Tools > Options > General
not only
"Select files automatically"
but also
"Select files automatically and reload the list"

I've tried various default schemes in my Windows 7 x64. And that particular element [item] were not changed

I've also tried manually changing colors of individual items [in "Windsow Color and Appearance". And I haven't found an item responsible for the color of the line in Mp3tag [and other programs]

Unfortunately, they do not return my calls. Probably because of the stuff that I wrote on messageboards about Bill Gates, when I was a youngster

To show how inconvenient Mp3tag is now for me I've took three screenshots:
A] One file selected in Mp3tag- I can clearly see what is choosen

B] One file selected in Mp3tag- I can almost not see what is choosen; beacause I have clicked somewhere else [for example: I needed to correct something in the YEAR tag field in the tag panel]

C] A list of e-mails in Thunderbirds for comparison. [Thunderbid does not have a state, when my selection goes almost invisible]

So it can by either fixed by allowing the user to choose the color of selection [which apparently I can not do in my OS] or by making the selecton in Mp3tag more permanent / visible [like in Thunderbird]

You could play around with the option in
Tools>Options>General>Show lines

THis is a three-state-button with different effects on the lines, also in relation to the colour scheme.
Perhaps you find a combination that suits your needs.


Turning off the "Display the lines at file view" make the selection more visible, but still only to some extent. The tradeoff is of course less visibility [difference between the lines] when not selecting anything

Than you for this solution

But I still think that selection should somehow be made more visible