Comments Show Up as "0"

So the comments on some songs show up as "0" in File Explorer on Windows 8 PC.

However in MP3TAG it shows the proper Comment that I put.

It's a hassle to having to right click the song, properties and having to change the comment there.

This happens once a while so I have to constantly check if the comments were set right.

The WE expects comments to be stored with the local language setting.
iTunes, on the other hand, only accepts comments with the English denotification.
So if you use the WE as music database then you have to modify the language file that you use for MP3tag (can be found in the folder lang - if you are not sure where to find it, you can start a file search and look German.lng - open the corresponding folder and look for "your" language file.)

In this file - which is a plain text file, so open it with a text editor - search for


modify it so that the "eng" is replaced with your language identifier, e.g.
for German:

Check if the comment now show up properly when you save the comments again/anew.

A personal note: THe Windows Explorer is no suitable tool for tagging or maintaining an audio collection.