Compare ID3v1 ID3v2



Thx for a great appl.!!!

Is it possible to compare/check that all my ID3v1 are the same as ID3v2 (the only first xx character if ID3v2 is longer then ID3v1)?

If not, is it possible to export the inf. for both tags to a csv file (incl Tag type) to check them in excel?


If you have set in the preferences to save both ID3V1 and ID3V2 they get automatically same when you save the tags with mp3tag. Only the genre could be empty in V1 if you have chosen a non standard genre.
I don't know any option to compare within mp3tag.

This is possible. You have to make two exports with the same template. One with only reading V1-Tags and one with V2-Tags. You have to refresh the view when you switch between.


But i donĀ“t want to resave all my 5-6000 MP3 only them were ID3V1 V2 r different (otherwise i have to change too many SFV files...)

Perfect!! How do i specified export V1 or V2 tags? I tried to do that but i must have missed something :slight_smile:


Go to the options -> Tags -> Mpeg and check or uncheck read ID3V2. Then rescan the folder and perform the export with your csv-Export configuration.


Works perfect, Thx!!!