Compare part of filename with actual tag

Hi to alll who read this ... I am a new forum member but a long time mp3tag user :slight_smile:

Hi all, first time I am asking help ... usually i manage to get and achieve what i need ... also donated at least one time for sure.

Looking for a script that compares title from my filename and the actual title tag.

All my files are %artist% - %title% structure ... so looking for something like:

$eql(%title%,second part of filename) ... the bold part is what i didn't manage to get.

I must be absolutely simple and too silly to ask ... yet, i didn't manage with my apologies.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



$eql(%title%,$regexp(%_filename%,'.* - (.*)',$1))

Wow that's fast ... much appreciated.

Will try tomorrow and let you know.

Many thanks anyhow !


And the winner is ... ohrenkino !

Just tried and works fine ... it is part of a longer piece of working checking and comparing my music files and tags.

Much appreciated, nice sunday to all.