Compare Tags and Remove Artist from Title Tag

What i would like to do is to compare Artist and Title tag and remove the Artist from the title tag.

Filename is:
Omega - Desafinao Live - Omega - DJ Santana - Merengue No Intro Steady - 133BPM

Artsti Tag is:

Title Tag is:
Desafinao Live - Omega - DJ Santana - Merengue No Intro Steady - 133BPM

I know i could use the filename to tag with a string such as %artist% - %title% - %dummy% - %title%.
The problem is that the filenames on this folder is a mess and not in the same form so it would be easier to work the tags first and the transfer everything to the filename later.

Also i would like to know if there is a way to transform the title to this form:
Desafinao Live [DJ Santana] [Merengue No Intro Steady]

Thank you.

You could try an action of the type "Format value" for TITLE
Format string: $regexp(%title%,(.*?) - .*? - (.*) - (.*) - \d+BPM,$1 '['$2']' '['$3']')

The action above helped me with some of the files but as i wrote before most of the filenames and the tags are a mess and not in the same form.
What i would like to know is if there is a way to compare the Artist tag and the Title tag and remove the part of the Title tag that exist in the Artist tag.

If you look closely you will discover that my suggestion did not use the filename.
If the strings do not show the same pattern then it is fairly likely that each of these patterns has to be dealt with separately.
E.g. even with a detection of the artist name (with perhaps the function strstr()) it would be different if there that name is found at the beginning or at the end.
Also, replacing the parenthesis would probably not work.
You might have noticed that my suggestion does it in one go.
And if you found that

it is fairly probable that the separation between the individual parts will differ.
So show us the pattern of the next bunch of files with the same pattern and there will probably be a solution.

You can try something like
$replace(%title%,%artist%,) or $replace(%title%,' - '%artist%,)

Second one worked perfectly, at least to the ones i checked because i have to check 800 files.
It is really weird that the tags and the filenames are so messy because this folder is from a Dj Pool and it looks like they don't give a shit about their Tagging system.

I Observed that you weren't using the Filenames.
Believe me i have spent so much time trying to correct these files and i don't want to waste your time also, i found at least 19 different naming patterns between these 800 files, i was thinking to give up but the solution above looks like it's working and now am trying to check if this removed the artist tag from the title tag.

From what i can see this worked perfectly except the occasion of having the "artist tag" at the begging of the Title tag

You can try $replace(%title%,%artist%' - ',) on those (note, that I've moved the part with the dash ' - 'after the %artist%).

If you have other characters used as separators, e.g., an underscore _ you can adapt the function to use that instead.

I See, I already tried this to some of the files and it worked.
I will now check if there are any other seperators.

Thanks for the help!:clap::clap::clap:

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