Compatibility issue with Windows 8.1: Libraries

Since Windows 8.1 libraries are not shown if you want to switch to another folder in MP3Tag.

Since Windows 8.1 libraries are not shown by default in windows-explorer. But you can bring them back by activating "Show librariess" in the navigating panel.
But this option doesn't bring them back in MP3TAG.

Other programs still show libraries when you select the open-menue or "store as"-menue item.

Can you please try to enable Show Libraries in the navigation panel of dialog you're talking about?

I set "Show libraries" for "My computer" and MP3tag shows them - in an unusual place: at the end of the folders list, shortly before Network and after all the physical drives.

I did this but it has only an effect in my explorer-menue, not in mp3tag as I wrote in my posting:

But I noticed now that if you enable "Show all folders" in the navigation panel they are shown again.

Mp3Tag is not alone with this behaviour. Only older programs with a different explorer-menue for selecting files (open, save as) show the libraries without enabling "show all folders".
(ie. Irfanview, mp3gain, TS-Doctor)

Enabling "show all folders" also brings the "Control Panel" with it's content to show up in the navigation menue too, so it gets a little bit confusing with all this content.