Compilation albums


What’s a real pain is that I like to see the name of the person who made the track on a compilation (various artists) album. What I do at the moment is:

  1. Get the CDDB info for the album.
  2. Rename all the files with %track% - %title% (where the %title% is actually %artist% - %title%). This has problems sometimes with special characters.
  3. Get the tag info from the file names using %track% - %artist% - %title%

This is painful. It would be nice if the tags were written properly in step 1. There is the 'Compilation...' tick but It asks for some input but doesn't say what and then doesn't seem to do the tags right anyway.

If you do take this up things to watch for are the separator between the %artist% & %title% might be a '/' or '-' also the order might be artist first or title first (depending on ho wit was printed on the CD cover I think).

Also would be good to do all the ID3v2 tags on mass like 'Original artists', 'Composer' etc...

love your work



just use the placeholder %i for the artist and %t for the title on the Compilation edit box at the freedb dialog, e.g. %i - %t or %i / %t.

To mass edit fields like Composer or Original Artist, you can use the extended tag dialog via View, Tags... or [Alt+T].

Best regards,
~ Florian