Compilation keeping original album order

I try to explain my problem. I am over 60, and I like to make my own order in new original albums out of existing one's.

Example. Taking tracks of different albums of Pink Floyd members. I rename the album "Where is Pink". I order the track from let's say 1 to 12, disc number same. I even change all to a new cover.

If in the map, all is nicely ordered, when I want to open it in the library of JRiver, so not directly in the folder, it will play file per file, from the original album, and not the order I made the mixed new compilation. All been very well saved, the name is fine, the picture of album cover is ok, but not the order of compilation.

I not know what to do. This is very annoying if I want to select the album with my Phone, on Gizmo, the remote of Jriver. I always have to go to the computer and select the file instead of the album I made....


You could try to create a playlist and see if your player can cope with it. This would avoid that you have to temper with the original tag data.
If the player ignores playlists, then you have to find out what your player uses as sorting criteria.
Then adapt the newly composed files so that they behave like a compilation:
ALBUMARTIST and ALBUM is filled with the same string for all tracks.
TRACK has been renumbered to reflect the new order.

Are you creating new, additional copies of these songs prior to making these track number and cover changes? If so, then these should really be considered a new Album, and any changes reflected for your player to see. Otherwise, the suggestion of a playlist by @ohrenkino is the next best solution, but this isn’t going to allow you to change cover art without affecting the original track and album.

I look into it, but it is complicated and not understand why the player not respect the tracks. Thanks for your comment.

I'm going to assume you are making actual copies of the tracks, and creating new albums. By the way, I do this all the time. I like to have my own Greatest Hits Folders/albums.

The key is what @ohrenkino said. Different players use different criteria. For example, I often listen in the car. My car orders by the actual (windows) File Name, so if I start the file name with a track number, it's in the order I want. For example: "01 - Dance to the Music.mp3".

My wife's car orders by {tag}Title (AKA track name) alpha, so I get all the songs in alpha order, ignoring any track numbers I've assigned. I would have to insert the track number before the Title to get them in my preferred order.

Clear as mud?

Weird thing is, I made other compilations, they work in right order. Here it will just play all the tracks, that were issued on the same album, then go to another album, and do the same thing. So I get "Rattle that lock", one after an other, instead getting a Roger Waters after the first song.

You still haven’t confirmed if you are making copies of the original tracks, then modifying the track number, new Album/Compilation name, and cover. If so, there is no reason that these changes shouldn’t be reflected in the player.

So, what is the difference between this set of files and the other?
And: does the old compilation still work? Or has the player changed in the meantime?
And if words are hard to find, then a screenshot may tell more than a thousand words.


Then you must be from the generation that grew up with Commodore 64, BBC Microcomputer, Sinclair ZX81, Atari and Z80 CP/M machines ... some 40 years back