Compilation - Singles - Year of release


I have been using mp3tag for a couple of weeks now, I love it .

I have a question however, regarding compilations.
I would like to tag singles from compilations with the year of release of the single, not the album.
I have blanked out the album tag and the album artist tag but when it try to pull info, mp3tag suggests albums.

Is there a way to get the year of release for the single? From there, assuming I am happy with all other tag, could I select just the year and only apply that field.

Many thanks.

Even a single is a little album ... Perhaps if you try the following:
Put the files of that compilation into a single folder and name the folder exactly like the compilation.
THen copy each TITLE field into the ALBUM field - I would say that the single is probably called the same as the TITLE.
Now let MP3tag look for the tags.
After you have filled all years you can either import the album name from the folder name with the converter Filename - Tag or select all files and simply type in the album name.

Blanking fields usually causes havock in players as they sometimes have a mind of their own on how to group the files ...

Thanks ohrenkino.

I appreciate your help. However, this is far too laborious. I would go to that extent if I only had a couple of compilation albums to tag but I have dozens of 'em and doing it that way would take toooooo loooooong.
Would you know of any tagging software that would be able to treat compilation tracks as singles, and tag them as such?


I am not quite sure that you are familiar with the functions (and actions) of Mp3tag.

Renaming the current folder so that is called like the album field for thousands of files in one go:
1 action of the type format tag-field for the field _directory.

Copying the content of TITLE into ALBUM for thousands of files in one go:
1 action of the type format tag-field for the field ALBUM with the contents %title%

Now comes the laborious part: you have to search for the tag information file by file. But this would also be the case if you had the singles straight away.

Going back to the old ALBUM namefor all the files in one go:
1 run of the converter "Filename-Tag".

If the middle part is too much of an effort - hard luck. But that has nothing to do with the Mp3tag support but your particular likings.
An no, I do not know any WIndows program that might support you. If you installed Linux, you could use puddletag ... (not tested by me but recommended by some in this forum).

Thanks, I've got it now, sorry, I misread you. I was under the impression that I had to move each file into its own folder! lol

Don't get me wrong, I really like mp3tag, it's a great bit of software, just not familiar enough with it.

I have a suse vm I might try puddletag, see what it can do.

Again, thanks for your help. Have a great evening. :slight_smile: